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Image of Airplants | Tillandsias

Airplants | Tillandsias

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A collection of precious Amethyst, Quartz + Citrine Tillandsias.

These stunning airplants are beautiful specimens. They are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. They require very little maintenance and bring a little piece of botanical goodness to your space.

Your chosen piece will come carefully packaged in a box with its own care instructions.

Images indicate types of crystals available. Your chosen piece will vary from the images above but will be equally lovely.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Australia's Quarantine restrictions we can ONLY ship AIRPLANTS | Tillandsias to the following states - VIC, NSW, QLD + ACT.

For all of our friends in NT, WA + TAS we are so sorry that we CANNOT send these little plant babies your way. We can however ship all of our other items to you.


LIVING: Airplants prefer to live in partly shaded areas, diffused sunlight in dry positions. Please avoid displaying directly near heaters or air-conditioners.

WATERING: Airplants require regular watering. They rely on water stored in their leaves as they do not feed through their roots like other plants. When it is HOT lightly spritz them with a spray bottle 1-2 times per week. When it is COOL only spray every 1-3 weeks. Airplants should be allowed to dry out between waterings.

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